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White Papers & Recorded Webinars

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RMSS’ white papers share our industry knowledge of key Enterprise Risk Intelligence issues and offer solutions for your organisation. RMSS’ white papers are designed to assist you and your organisation to make business-critical decisions. RMSS' series of best practice webinars cover a range of risk management and compliance related topics. Recorded versions of the webinars are available to download here. Register to access RMSS white papers and recorded webinars and discover business benefits, developments in technology and proven methodologies.

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Report - Risk Management Survey Outcomes 2009-2010

RMSS conducted a Risk Management survey at the 6th Annual RMIA Conference held in Cairns on 22-25 November 2009. The Survey Outcomes report presents the findings on key issues and emerging trends as seen by risk professionals. The report covers topics such as: major challenges facing organisations to effectively manage risk through to key factors driving risk management processes and practices.

Resource type:  White Paper     Date:  31.08.10

Report - RMSS Risk and Compliance Report 2009

In late 2009, RMSS conducted an online survey on key issues and emerging trends as seen by risk and compliance practitioners within the Australian Compliance community. The survey focused on the role of risk within compliance frameworks by examining the current state of association between risk and compliance management and the consequent challenges facing organisations.

Resource type:  White Paper     Date:  14.05.10

Presentation - RMSS Self Insurance Audits Presentation

RMSS Self Insurance Audits presentation outlines how RMSS solutions enable organisations to effectively manage their self insurance licence and accreditation through advanced auditing capabilities.

Resource type:  White Paper     Date:  14.04.10

White Paper - RMSS Suite Web Services

The term Web Services describes a standardised way of integrating web-based applications using the XML, SOAP, WSDL and UDDI open standards over an Internet protocol backbone.The RMSS Suite Web Services White Paper outlines RMSS Suite integration method with neighboring and legacy systems.

Resource type:  White Paper     Date:  30.11.09

Report - Butler Group Technology - RMSS Suite

The Butler Group is a leading provider of Information Technology research, analysis, and advice. Founded in 1990, Butler Group is respected throughout the business world for the impartiality and incisiveness of its research and opinion.

Resource type:  White Paper     Date:  21.09.09

Recorded Webinar - Overcoming challenges to deliver best practice OHS and Injury Management 2010

Workplace injuries can have a significant financial and non-financial impact on your organisation. Managing the health of injured employees is critical to rehabilitation and ultimately successful re-entry into the workplace. This educational webinar discusses the key challenges of delivering best practice OHS and Injury Management, and importantly outline how such challenges can be overcome. Download the recorded version of this webinar to learn more.

Resource type:  White Paper     Date:  19.08.10
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