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Service to Youth Council takes an integrated approach to manage risk, incident and compliance obligations

Service for Youth Council is a not for profit organisation in South Australia that has a long history of delivering innovative programs aimed at helping young people reach their potential since its establishment on the 9th September 1958.

The rapid growth of services associated with the awarding of 21 sites under the Job Services Australia contract saw a flurry of activity around recruitment, site selection, lease negotiations  and fit out to commence operation within 10 weeks of being awarded the contract. Such rapid growth made it very difficult for the organisation to be able to effectively manage its risk and compliance functions.

The appointment of a senior Risk Manager with extensive commercial experience across multiple sectors with international experience was the first step. It was quickly realised that without a centralised system and a relevant and comprehensive risk and compliance framework, risk and compliance issues could not be identified and managed effectively. This placed the organisation in a position where it may not have been able to meet its legislative, regulatory and compliance obligations.

This was the overarching challenge for Greg Saunders, Risk Manager for SYC. "My greatest challenge has been to raise the profile of risk management ,compliance and incident and event management so it is at the forefront of the decision making process at all levels within the organisation."

Mr Saunders has been using RMSS’ leading  Enterprise Risk Intelligence solution – the RMSS Suite for the past seven years across several organisations and had no hesitation in approaching RMSS as the SYC preferred vendor early in 2010.

The RMSS solution has provided a clear framework within which all risk and compliance information is captured in a consistent and controlled manner. The solution is currently used by  the risk manager, internal auditor and compliance staff in the operating divisions plus site managers. All 300 staff are also able to access and utilise the solution for recording events/incidents.

Download this case study to discover how RMSS' range of solutions helped SYC to achieve critical risk, compliance and incident requirements. 

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