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Citywide implements an online enterprise risk management solution to integrate risk, event and compliance management

Citywide is Australia’s leading physical services company providing civil infrastructure, open space and environmental services to government and private enterprise. Since the company’s inception in 1995, Citywide has achieved rapid growth and is now the dominant market leader.

Risk management is an integral part of the planning, management and operational functions of Citywide. It is positively influenced by its company values and is consistent with Citywide’s efforts to provide the highest quality service to their customers. Citywide recognised the importance of the continuous and reliable management of risks and incidents across the entire organisation. To this end they have developed an enterprise risk management plan, which specifically recognises all potential risks, assessment of those risks and provides suitable treatment strategies along with contingency arrangements. Adherence to the relevant compliance and regulatory obligations, including the ability to undertake internal compliance reviews was also important.

Whilst Citywide had a comprehensive risk management plan in place, focused on achieving best practice Enterprise Risk Management, they were constrained by having to utilise a manual paper-based approach. Hence, the decision was made to implement an online, enterprise risk management solution.

HSE Manager for Citywide said, “We wanted an enterprise risk management solution integrating risk, incident and compliance management, giving us an online overview of our incidents, audits and risk registers to replace our paper-based system and excel spreadsheets. The Integration between risk, incident and compliance management was very important - we wanted to streamline the whole process.”

Citywide engaged RMSS’ as their preferred incident and risk management solution provider. With all risk, incident and compliance management related information stored online, reporting and analysis is instant and comprehensive, providing an organisation-wide overview of Citywide’s incident, risk and audit management. “RMSS’ solution, now provides us with the capability and capacity to easily capture and report on every risk and incident across all parts of the Citywide business.

Download this case study to discover how RMSS' range of solutions helped Citywide to achieve critical risk, compliance and incident requirements.

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