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RMSS recognises the importance of systematically managing and regularly reviewing an organisation’s risk profile at a strategic, operational and project level.

As part of an integrated approach to best-practice risk management, RMSS offers specialist consulting services, helping your organisation to bridge the gap between strategic planning, performance monitoring, day-to-day operations and risk assessments.

RMSS' consulting services provide an integrated, comprehensive solution to address your organisation’s risk management requirements and maximise your business opportunities.

Combining specialist consulting services with next generation software, RMSS offers extensive industry-based risk and control framework data within our application.

RMSS can develop or improve your risk management processes through the following deliverables:

  • Increased risk management awareness and involvement across your organisation
  • Supporting strategic and business planning
  • Reduced costs associated with regulatory compliance
  • Ensuring resources are most effectively allocated to address business risk
  • Providing evidence-based systems of work


Working closely with RMSS, a tailored risk consulting program will be developed, taking into account factors such as a review of current risk management policies, key risk management goals and objectives, the size of your organisation and challenges in managing risk within your organisation.


Next Steps

For further information regarding RMSS' consulting services, please download our RMSS Consulting Services brochure and contact us.