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Location: Philippines
Vitalink Marketing Services Inc. is an RMSS Authorised Business Partner offering the RMSS’ Enterprise Risk Intelligence solutions to the Philippines.

Vitalink is a leading provider of sales management, sales information, supply chain systems and infrastructure in the country. Vitalink have both local and multinational partner brands such as RMSS, Wyeth, Sara Lee, SCA Hygiene Corp, DHL, Qualiprose Inc., and a host of others.

Vitalink have extensive experience in data processing and warehousing turning information into insights with a robust reporting engine. This insight is what is used to put clients in the forefront of their industry.

Vitalink projects include operating clients supply chain data systems, a 1,500 drugstore chain operation, channel development programs, and a 160,000 outlet digitized mapping project.

For further information about Vitalink please contact us.