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RMSS announces next major release: RMSS Suite RC7

Date: 03.05.16 - Tuesday

There has been a lot happening at RMSS HQ! Following the successful release of RC6: Release Candidate Six in December last year, we are now looking forward to our next major release of the RMSS Suite; RC7: Release Candidate Seven. This will be a feature packed release and include some of the below features;

  1. Advanced Password Management Features
  2. Multiple Dashboard Widgets
  3. Twelve New Reports across multiple modules
  4. Improved Screen Layouts for the eventmanager Notify Forms and compliancemanager Take Audit Screen

Our Vice President, Nicole Kent will be hosting a Webinar Series closer to the release to guide users through some of the new features. Look out for your invitation to register!

A quick update to our clients, we have a large amount of our clients on Release Candidate 6 (RC6) and the feedback has been fantastic! If you would like to hear more information regarding this current release or would like to arrange an update, please do not hesitate to contact our Client Support Team! ClientSupport@rmss.com.au  

We look forward to providing more information in the coming months!